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PHOTOS: Columbia High SOMA Action Student Leaders Run Voter Registration Drive

From SOMa Action:

SOMA Action Student Leadership Committee participated in National Voter Registration Day by hosting onsite Columbia High School voter registration drive for eligible students and to raise awareness. The day of action organized by SASLC was supported by CHS principal Dr. Kalisha Morgan and a broad coalition of student clubs.

“The SOMa Action Student Leadership Committee is so glad to have been able to help students of Columbia in the first step of exercising their right to vote in a democracy,” the students wrote in a statement sent to Village Green. “We believe that empowering students is crucial and that every vote counts.”

Both Maplewood Mayor Vic DeLuca and South Orange Village President Sheena Collum, urged by local student leaders, have joined in support of National Voter Registration Day and signed onto the March For Our Lives Mayors Pledge to make registration forms readily available to all eligible students, maintain goals for registration, participate in get out the vote campaigns, collaborate with other mayors, and empower their communities to have their youth voices be heard during elections.

The SASLC is aided by SOMA Action adult advisor Shannon Cuttle.

Pictures by Phoebe Hill and Lily Forman:

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