Smokey Bear and National Parks Teach Marshall Students About Fire Safety

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Marshall School was treated to a visit from the National Parks Service and Smokey Bear on October 21 and 22 to bring awareness to Fire Prevention Month.

Marshall parent Mr. Tomas Liogys, who works for the National Park Service as a deputy fire chief, brought his truck, equipment and Smokey Bear to the school. Unlike structural fire counterparts at South Orange Fire Department, his service solely focuses on forest and brush fires, but presented many of the same fire safety messages.

Mr. Liogys and his team presented programs to each class individually, and provided individualized tours of the fire truck. At the end of each classroom visit, students were provided with a bag of fire safety items which include reflective arm bands, stickers, a pencil and other “treats.”

Each classroom teacher received an easel book that provides CCSS aligned follow up activities and a set of student workbooks.

— Bonita Samuels, Marshall Principal

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