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South Orange-Maplewood Students Exhibit Art at Livingston Mall

From the South Orange-Maplewood School District:

Congratulations are in order for several South Orange-Maplewood students! Every year, for the past 21 years, the Essex County Education Association hosts an art exhibition at the Livingston Mall.  This March is their 22nd exhibition and several of our students were chosen to represent our district in this year’s exhibition from March 15-22.

Marshall Elementary Art Teacher, Jessica Fong had 18 students in the exhibition: Cormac Anderson-Hart, Liesel Loikits, Eva Maloney, Elliott Peterson, Esme Levy, Hadley Anania, Felix Stone, Shay Drucker, Ian DiCanio, Nayeli Lenochan, Gavin Pearce, Maxwell Fong, Cassandra Gasspard, Henry Roth, Malcolm Hall, Chiara Wright, and Naomi Chow.

Jefferson Elementary Art Teacher, Eva McNally had 23 students in the exhibition: Finn Egan-Liang, Dae Kavanough, Jayla Rowe, Livia Ferguson, Mia Johmann, Idemudia Omofomah, Chioma Okafor, Ky Kuperman, Aviram Livneh, Theo Sinyak, Lucy D’Orazio, Dominique Farrell, Peyton Edge, Amelia Burroughs, Joel Hector Jr., Alexandria Auth, Rafael Griffiths, Shana Zhu, Marley Rosen, Lily Yazdan, Tallulah Thatcher-Keane, Thirusan Thureskumar, and Hannah Schwartz.  Six were chosen for Youth Art Month, and their work is currently on display in Essex County Executive’s Office at the Hall of Records in Newark, NJ. We are very proud of Vogel Brutus Jr., Gillian Crawford, Joseph Kerner, Cassia, Luhrman, Ben Spilberg, and Jake Whitehead for all their hard work and sharing their talents.

Tuscan Elementary Art Teacher, Andrew Dean had several students K-3rd grade exhibit 2 collaborative self-portrait panels.

Maplewood Middle Art Teacher, Michele Reisman had 13 students in the exhibition—6th graders: Anaya Center, Charley Drechsler, Hailey Freeman, Amina Jones, Kaelyn Matsushita, Camryn Jones, Violet O’Hara and 8th graders: Dylan Carthens, Ellery Sampson, Madison Moskowitz, Caroline Pisciotta, Della Zimmerman, August Reynolds Vickberg.

Columbia High School Art Teacher, Alexandra Cappucci had Anthony Ruiz exhibit his work.

Columbia High School Art Teacher, Karen Murphy had 7 students in the exhibition: Lily Austin, Dara Brownstein, Olivia Chung, Abreham Gebremariam (2 paintings), Lucia Guerrieri, Sofia Perales-Buck, Andre Timmons.

Finally, February 17th, Jefferson Elementary students Trinity Cole and Gabriel Fish, third grade, were celebrated at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, NJ where their artwork will be on exhibit for three months!

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