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South Orange-Maplewood Troop Aims to Make Girl Scouts ‘Promise & Law’ More Empowering

Girls Scout Troop members Tabby Barnes, Lucy D’Orazio, Ella Levy, Emerson Meda, Grace Nelson, Ziva Salan, Maya Vijayvergiya, and June Vitale take the SOPAC stage with troop leaders and South Orange Trustees. October 14, 2019. Photo by Ashley . . .

Girl Scout Troop 209223 is dreaming big and taking action. On October 14, the scouts — all from Maplewood and South Orange, NJ — told the South Orange Board of Trustees that they wanted the governing body’s support with their #IWill initiative — which aims to change the “promise and law” of the Girl Scouts of America to a more active and empowering message for young girls and women.

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