The Columbian: Senior Destinations for Columbia High School 2020

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From The Columbian:

Dear CHS Class of 2020,

Congratulations on your graduation! After four chaotic years together, we may celebrate this important milestone knowing that we have emerged from high school stronger and smarter.

We spent hours and hours together cramped in the classrooms of Columbia, ostensibly learning about biology, essay writing and algebraic equations, but it was not those lessons that we will most dearly treasure. Rather, we will best remember our abilities to unite for activism, to make others smile, to empathize and to defeat the odds.

After black men and women were brutally killed by the police in May, we joined in the national movement and flooded the streets, marching as over a thousand strong. Earlier this school year, we walked to town hall, protesting for action against climate change. During our sophomore year, we tied orange cloths around the fences in remembrance of the many lives lost to gun violence. And during our freshman year, we marched out of the school in protest of Donald Trump’s inauguration.

As if these events didn’t prove how strong we are as a class, the COVID-19 pandemic forced us inside to learn from home. Our senior year did not end as we expected as we missed out on the iconic events we have been looking forward to since we entered the district. More importantly, we mourn those lost, including the parents who constituted such a vital part of our community.

This pandemic has put a mark on our class that will never be forgotten and has severely impacted our senior year, but it does not define us as a class. We watched the talented artists of CHS in “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,” “Hairspray” and “Mary Poppins,” holding our breath as the musical cast enchanted us with their lively numbers. We cheered nonstop for the Special Dance Company and occasionally sang and danced along. We jumped up and down as our incredible sports teams went on to win title after title, achievement after achievement, making us proud every season. Our senior year brought us our football team’s first home win that we had seen during our time at CHS. We took part in our school’s first—and last—winter formal and racked up an insane amount of book fines, which we are still working on paying off. Lastly, we never stopped standing up for ourselves in the face of the uncertain nature of CHS—asbestos, ceiling collapses, rats, principal changes, that chicken that kept appearing on the stairwell windowsill, and all.

After all we have been through together, we are confident in each of our abilities to succeed not only in the next few years, but in life. To all the devoted teachers, counselors, custodians, cafeteria staffers, librarians, and administrators, thank you for helping to educate, comfort, and nurture us as we went from wee kindergarteners to mature-ish seniors; you truly made our time in the district special. Some of us have been together since elementary and will fondly remember the friendships forged and the knowledge gained here. We are excited to see what everyone does as CHS graduates in the world and once again offer our congratulations.


The Columbian 2019-20 Editorial Board

*If you are a graduating CHS senior whose information we do not have, whose information is inaccurate in any way, or whose name is not on this list, please contact us through email ( or ( so that we can promptly fill in your senior destination. Congrats to the CHS class of 2020!

Thank you to Liz Petroccia for massively helping gather data for this list. Without her hard work and dedication to the school and senior class this list would not have been possible during such a difficult time!

Last Name First Name Post Grad Institution
Abdus-Sabur Zaki
Achee Onike Montclair State University
Acosta Richard Rutgers University – New Brunswick
Adeyinka Daniella Rutgers University – New Brunswick
Agba Odinaka William Paterson University
Aguilera Nicole Florida International University
Alexis Joshua
Allen Janae Union County College
Allison-Way Hazel Wesleyan University
Alphonse Emile
Amanat Louisa Drew University
Amar Maya Florida Atlantic University
Amedeo Charles SUNY Purchase
Amobi Kenechukwu University of Pittsburgh
Anderson Bea SUNY Purchase
Anderson Eliza School of Visual Arts
Anderson Taylor New Jersey City University
Andrasz Madeline University of Vermont
Ankner Walter American University
Anthony Hannah Northeastern University
Armstrong Julien
Arnott Parker
Aronin Reese
Auguste Shanil Louisiana State University
Ayambire Justin WIlliam Paterson University
Babi Ethan Rutgers University – New Brunswick
Baker Lindsay University of Colorado Boulder
Baluyut Eabha SUNY Purchase
Bank-Walker Sabina SUNY Binghamton
Baptiste Aniyah Rutgers University – New Brunswick
Barrett Ryanne Tufts University
Barron Elizabeth Rochester Institute of Technology
Barthelemy Buthia
Bay Caitlin University of California – San Diego
Ben-Ari Ori College of William & Mary
Beneteau Louise
Benjamin Daniel
Benson Jalen
Benson Kyla Rowan University
Berenberg Sophie William Paterson University
Bernard Thandiwe University College Dublin
Bethea Zarria Hampton University
Betheil Ellie Susquehanna University
Bongiorno Olivia SUNY Binghamton
Boose Amelia Carnegie Mellon University
Boyer Aidan University of Colorado Boulder
Bradby Sage Rutgers University- New Brunswick
Bradley Joshua Rutgers University – Newark
Braham Jodiann
Bratter Grace Case Western Reserve University
Bratter Nola Duquesne University
Brice Jaclyn
Broncel Xander Vrije Universiteit – Amsterdam
Brownstein Amy
Brownstein Hannah Gap Year – University of Michigan
Bryant Max Imperial College London
Bryant II Jeffrey Eckerd College
Buckham Cameron
Burtt Benjamin SUNY Binghamton
Byron Moriah Bloomfield College
Cadet Anksen
Cajuste Gaelle Seton Hall University
Canady Farrod
Canning Jessica Wesleyan University
Carbonara Helen Pratt Institute
Carey Jr Anthony Bloomfield College
Carlson Paige Lehigh University
Carlton Samantha University of South Carolina
Carson Morgan
Carter Ali Idris
Castro Cortez Jairo
Cesaire Jr Michel-Ange
Chambers Karley Syracuse University
Charles Adunni American Musical and Dramatic Academy
Chike Victor Undecided
Christian Violet Drexel University
Clarke Cecelia Colgate University
Clarke Eleanor Case Western Reserve University
Clarke Ivor Wesleyan University
Clitus Jacqueline
Coble Julia Temple University
Cohen Milton University of Pittsburgh
Collin Jeremiah
Condry-Power Alice Skidmore College
Cotard Jayden Kean University
Crosby Maximilian McGill University
Cutler Jonathan University of Colorado Boulder
da Silva Brian Northeastern University
Dabb Juliette University of Rochester
Dalce Jonathan
Dallison Jasmine Carleton University
Daniels Fahiym
Daniels Sakinah Kent State University
David Alexander
Davis Jalen
Davis Janine Albright College
Davis Madison Temple University
Dean Emma Ithaca College
DeLuca Elizabeth University of Edinburgh
Deutsch Mia University of Delaware
Deves Jessica Yvonne Rutgers University – Newark
Dio Sesugh
Doherty V James Rutgers University
Dohman II Sheldon Kean University
Donachie Finley Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Donney Nina Ithaca College
Dorielan Anjie Montclair State University
Dorielan Michaeula Union County College
Dorjee Jamphel
Dorvil Kimberley Albright College
Doubek Zachary University of Delaware
Douyon Emmanuel
Dove Tyanna The New School
DuBose Sasha New York University
Duncan Adin University of the Arts
Dwyer Aidan University of Colorado Boulder
Edwards Rexshaun
Elliott Olivia Tulane University
Ellis Braelynn
English Sainya New York Institute of Technology
English Santio Rowan University
Erhamza Isabella Ringling College of Art and Design
Erickson Julia University of Michigan
Ethan Julia University of Maryland
Eubanks Nia
Exantus Chardege Dean College
Exilus Deshawnna Rutgers University – Newark
Ezeokoli Angel U.S. Naval Academy
Facey Adrion Career
Fagan Evan University of Virginia
Falconer Daniel SUNY Purchase
Fanfan Aleyah Gap Year
Fardin Julia University of Colorado Boulder
Fastov Jamie University of Delaware
Faulknor Nicolai Grambling State University
Favors Dalton Morehouse College
Fein Oscar Norwich University
Feinberg Alex Skidmore College
Fergus Leah Marist College
Ferguson Tray Rider University
Fils Elijah William Paterson University
Fisher Tyrese William Paterson University
Flambert Marven
Fleetwood Samuel Lehigh University
Florio Aniyah North Carolina State University
Flowers Het-Heru Rutgers University – New Brunswick
Foley Maura The College of New Jersey
Forbes Michelle Rutgers University – New Brunswick
Ford Ryan
Fortune Louis
Fox Daniel Ithaca College
Freedson-Jackson Anita Montclair State University
Gagne Lucy New York University
Gagnier Julien The New School
Garcia Isabella Rutgers University – New Brunswick
Gardner Abby Georgetown University
Garrison Ayane Vassar College
Gaudelli Alexander University of Central Florida
Geraghty Jack Gap Year
Gerard Frenchesca Winston-Salem State University
Gertner Benjamin Wesleyan University
Giles Jeremy Johns Hopkins University
Glass Jessica Indiana University
Glynn Alexander Harvard University
Goguen-Compagnoni Nicholas
Goldberg Stephanie University of Delaware
Goldman Ethan Cornell University
Goldsmith Shamiir
Goldfein Phoebe
Gomez Bryan Gap Year
Gonzalez Antonio
Gooden Oneil Fairleigh Dickinson University
Gordon Ellis Rutgers University – New Brunswick
Greene Drew Essex County College
Greene Makai
Grew William Drexel University
Grinhauz Lily University of Massachusetts
Grumieaux Hudson Ithaca College
Gualpa Jacquelyn Caldwell University
Gulino Chiara New York University
Gutierrez Derek Undecided
Hack Benedict
Halperin Ethan Emerson College
Hamant Jack University of Massachusetts
Hampton Maya Penn State University
Haniph Noah Northeastern University
Hankey Emma SUNY Purchase
Harding Hannah Pace University
Harris Gabriella Gap Year
Hassler Hudson Ithaca College
Healy Bryn Mount Holyoke College
Henry Valentina Florida Atlantic University
Herbert Dylan Occidental College
Herrero Emma Syracuse University
Hines Saul Culinary Institute of America
Hirsch Olivia Northeastern University
Hodges Kye William Patterson University
Holdbrook Fredrick Lackawanna College
Hollenbeck Madeleine Elon University
Holmes Charlize Rider University
Holmes Da’siya Bloomfield College
Hossain Tarek New Jersey Institute of Technology
Howell Josiah Gap Year
Hubscher Riley Northeastern University
Huetz Caitlyn Rutgers University – New Brunswick
Hugel Dana University of Pittsburgh
Hume Desiree
Hyppolite Medjine
Ike Ujunwa Caldwell University
Jacobson Sophia West Virginia University
Jahangir Armaan CUNY Baruch College
Jean Baptiste Theresa Inter-American U Puerto Rico
Jin-Hendel Annabelle Bryn Mawr College
Johnson Alexander CUNY Baruch College
Johnson George University of Colorado Boulder
Johnson Lindsey
Johnson Sage St. Joseph’s College
Johnson Taniyah Lincoln University
Jolimere Nathaniel William Patterson University
Jones Archie California Polytechnic State University
Jones Isabella-Marie Rutgers University
Jones Jessica Lehigh University
Jones Riley Clemson University
Joseph Anthony Lincoln Technical Institute
Joseph Joanna
Joseph Junior Drew University
Joseph Samantha Rutgers University – Newark
Jules Withney
Kalogerou Alexandros Stevens Institute of Technology
Kamen Benjamin Brandeis University
Kasdan Jacob Syracuse University
Kelly Simone Ohio State University
Kerr Ashantah Montclair State University
Kinard Bria Rutgers University – New Brunswick
King Djavan Union County College
Kingsley Emma
Koenig Michelle Ursinus College
Konan Aurianne Florida Atlantic University
Kone Abdul Razak University of Massachusetts
Koranteng Samuel Montclair State University
Korbich Alexandra University of Colorado Boulder
Kosik Connor Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Kovacs Cole Lasell University
Krauss Maya Clark University
Kremer Guha Zubin Yale University
La Palerma Gianna St. Joseph’s University
Lackey Erin Elon University
Lahey Margaret University of New Hampshire
Lambert Bryana William Patterson
Lawrence Sophie Pace University
Leader Kyle Penn State University
Leary Jaden
Lemonnier Rachel Gap Year
Lennon Zohlay West Virginia University
Leonard Caroline Penn State University
Lerman Carly Tulane University
Levy Margot Barnard College
Levy Samantha Eckerd College
Lewis Kimberle Emerson College
Licata Sofia The New School
Lindstrom Jack SUNY Cobleskill
Lintern Joseph Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Lipp Cameron New York University
Little Maia Raritan Valley College
Lord-Jones Christian
Lorenzo Alfy
Lorman Lindsey Penn State University
Louis-Jacques Schneidine Lynn University
Love Jr Cahil
Lucas Ashley Montclair State University
Luey Aiden California Polytechnic State University
Lustan Zachary Rutgers University – New Brunswick
Lynch Declan University of Delaware
Lyons Watson Shayanna Montclair State University
Machado Ariana Rutgers University – New Brunswick
Magny Christopher
Maini Sumer Indiana University
Maloney Margaret Duquesne University
Maloof Daniel Franklin and Marshall College
Manasse Flerisha College of Saint Elizabeth
Mandel Merav
Mann Ethan Gap Year
Manns Joshua
Marbaix Sarah Ithaca College
Marcus Olivia University of Maryland
Marley Joshua
Martins Marcus American University
Masters Ethan Syracuse University
Matos-Bowles Sabreen Montclair State University
McClard Karina Pace University
McCourt Clara Northeastern University
McDaniel Adora
McEwan Ruari McGill University
McGuigan Dylan
Mehlman Ari New York University
Meisels Jonah Kenyon College
Menard Nicholas Montclair State University
Mencarini Lily Bard College
Mencarini Sofia Monmouth University
Mercier Bernilton St. John’s University
Mesidor Taisha Caldwell University
Messeri Ethan University of Michigan
Miah Sophia Pratt Institute
Michel Sbradlain
Miller Elliot
Miller Georgia Kean University
Miller Jordan Savannah College of Art and Design
Miller Olivia University of Wisconsin
Mischel Eliana University of Delaware
Mitchell Jr Kenyada
Molokwu Brittney New York University
Montano Mikayla New York University
Moore Maximus Delaware Valley University
Moore Phillip McDaniel College
Morris Benjamin The New School
Mosely Erin Ithaca College
Mosteiro Megan University of Florida
Mozell Francheska New Jersey City University
Muhammad Ahmad
Muhammad Jordan Northwestern University
Muraco Dominic Montclair State University
Murphy Jonathan
Murray Anna Northeastern University
Muson Oliver
Nazhat Al Fatal Daniah
Nelson Allysa Florida Atlantic University
Nicholas Michael Berklee College of Music
Nijman Hannah Dean College
Noble Alexander Macalester College
Noel Elsa Rutgers University – New Brunswick
Northfield Timothy Penn State University
Northover Emily
Nwadinma Kingsley Bloomfield College
O’Connell Molly Providence College
O’Mara Colin Loyola University Maryland
Obrzut Liam
Occeas John William Patterson University
Ocean Yaslee Felicia University
Ochs Sierra Syracuse University
Offiah Cynthia Career
Offiah Jeffrey Montclair State University
Okafor Onyemaechi
Olaode Stephen Rutgers University
Olitt Tate Tufts University
Onyemaechi Benedict York College
Orji Ifeoma Montclair State University
Otto Jayden
Pagan Jason Stevens Institute of Technology
Palumbo Brandon George Washington University
Parry Jack University of Maryland
Pasternak Annie University of Vermont
Patton Charles University of Colorado Boulder
Pauly Declan
Payne Andrew Purdue University
Peiris Maya Bryn Mawr College
Pendergrass Jr Corey
Perillo Cole
Phanor Anaya Kean University
Pierre-Paul Jethro Western Connecticut State University
Pierrelouis Joshua
Pierresaint Gerard Bloomfield College
Pierson Ainsley Wake Forest University
Pinkowitz Jingmin Ohio State University
Powell Quadir
Pranger Imogen Oberlin College
Prashad Eric
Rahmani Frida Purchase College Conservatory
Raines Jackson
Rances Ethan University of Vermont
Ratner Abigail University of Michigan
Ravix Frederica Middlebury College
Rednik Sydney Syracuse University
Reed Acadia Ithaca College
Reid Nadira Career
Reininga Emma Coker University
Reynolds Omanie
Rivera Jimenez Devon
Roberts Benjamin Drexel University
Robins William
Rohan Timothy Northeastern University
Roman Mya Kean University
Romano Natasha SUNY Binghamton
Rosenberg Poe University of Vermont
Rosenberg Sari Gap Year – University of Michigan
Roses Annabelle University of Salford
Ross Jah’Tajah
Rothstein Daniella Tufts University
Rufolo Julianna Lafayette College
Rufolo Lara Clemson University
Sabin Quincy Virginia State University
Sachs Benjamin Gap Year
Salinardo Claire University of South Carolina
Samek Lucy Hunter College
Sands Victoria University of Maryland
Sanjurjo Erlinda Penn State University
Santana Eudis
Sartori Katherine University of Rhode Island
Saydah Skye American University
Schabacker William U.S. Naval Academy
Schloff Noah University of Rochester
Schmitt Maximilian Montclair State University
Schwartzberg Josie San Diego State University
Schwartzberg Mylie Mount Holyoke College
Scott Sharie
Selesnick Zoe Rutgers University – New Brunswick
Sharma Kiran George Washington University
Shires Nicholas University of Washington
Siders Isaiah Rider University
Simoniello Sofia Gap Semester
Sinclair Drew Anna Maria College
Slade Jakob American University
Slavin Zoe University of Maryland
Smith Aniyyah
Solomon Sarah University of Vermont
Soupios Avery Rutgers University – New Brunswick
Spence-Dawkins Raegh’ene Caldwell University
St. Pierre William
Stephan Alexa University of Maryland
Stevens Connor Bloomfield College
Stewart Masada
Stewart Sanayah Bloomfield College
Strugger Abigail University of Rochester
Sullivan Aidan Pratt Institute
Sullivan Claire Bard College
Sullivan Lily Lynn University
Sundue Maxwell Berklee College of Music
Svitavsky Benjamin Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Tabakin Margot St. John’s College, Santa Fe
Taylor Brian University of Massachusetts
Teitelbaum Daniel University of Oregon
Temple Jamari
Thatcher-Keane Phelan Ramapo College of New Jersey
Thenor Joshua
Thibodeau Truman Temple University
Thompkins Marques William Paterson University
Thompson Dizay William Paterson University
Todd Billie University of Central Florida
Toledo Suzanne John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Torrente Jacinto Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Torrey John
Tuohy Sara Gap Year – University of New Hampshire
Turi Anthony University of Denver
Van Doornik Anna Rowan University
Vande Vusse Olivia Tulane University
Victorious Eric New Jersey Institute of Technology
Vidal Jamila Kean University
Vincent Caleb Essex County College
Vroman Julia University of Pittsburgh
Walden Ethan Career + Art
Waldon Jack Colorado State University
Wancique Samson Ramapo College
Ward Ashley William Paterson University
Weedon Christopher
Weir Isobel
Wendt Eloise University of Connecticut
West Alexander Temple University
West Pearl Gap Year
Whelan-Small Jesse Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Whipple Atticus West Virginia University
White Amori University of Texas at Dallas
White Nyla Montclair State University
Whitehead Chloe Esthetician School
Wiafe Jr Lawrence
Wiggins David Los Angeles Recording School
Wiley Asaad Essex County College
Williams Anna University of California – Davis
Williams Nia Hampton University
Williams Terrel University of Connecticut
Wilner Emily George Mason University
Wissel Amelia New York University
Wolff Avery The New School
Wollard Darcy University of Delaware
Wolpov Samson Indiana University
Wolter Isabel Smith College
Woods Jack University of Notre Dame
Woods-Jones Christopher
Wright Nicoy
Yanda Aaron Oberlin College
Young Jordan American University
Young Julia University of Surrey
Zacker Martina University of Michigan
Zelaya II Kurt Bloomfield College
Zelevansky Eva Lim College
Zinner Lila New York University
Zubieta Noori Princeton University
Zurlo Cristina Stony Brook University


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