There’s Something For Everyone at Columbia High School

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Columbia High School (credit Wikipedia)

Columbia High School (credit Wikipedia)

Columbia High School (CHS) is well-known for its wealth of extra-curricular activities and clubs ranging from Astronomy to Cooking to Golf. In fact, students would be hard-pressed to not find something that piques their interests.

High school is the perfect time for students to start exploring what they are passionate about, and what better way than by taking advantage of all CHS has to offer?

Below is a list of the 2014-15 Activities and Clubs.

Special Interest Clubs

All School Musical – Performances in the spring (Mr. Healy & TBD)

ASTEP- Artists Striving to End Poverty is a club that partners with community organizations and schools in New York, Florida, India and Africa to connect its large base of volunteer artists with underserved youth to deliver arts education programs that build capacity for self-expression, foster creativity and teach life skills. (Dr. Bustrin)

Astronomy – A club for students interested in the science of astronomy & the use of the telescope. (Mr. Levin)

Brass Ensemble – Meets weekly from October to January. Performs at community functions, concerts, & assemblies. (Mr. Bauer)

Ceramics- Meets weekly to construct ceramic pieces of art. (Mrs. Schwartz)

Charity- Club choses one school wide charity program per year and organizes fundraisers to help raise money for that program. (Mrs. Schwartz)

Chess Team – After-school play provides opportunities to develop skills & knowledge. Emphasis is on playing the game with occasional sessions devoted to openings, defense, and other techniques. The better players compete interscholastically. (Ms. Kahn)

Color Guard – A part of the Marching Band which includes twirling, flags, and associated routines. (Mr. Bauer)

Columbian – This group publishes the school’s weekly newspaper. The club offers experience in writing lay-out, photography, typesetting, business

management, proof-reading, art. (Mr. Enyeart & Ms. Malhotra)

Cooking Club- This group meets weekly to discuss the culinary arts and offers hands on experience with cooking. (Ms. Dharsi)

Cougar Nation-Dedicated student body who support our athletic teams. (Mr. Stine)

Fellowship of Christian Athletes-The Club has a Christian perspective and is open to everyone (Mr. Curtin)

15 for 15- The club meets to discuss ways to help raise money for 8 Millennium Developmental Goals listed by the UN. (Ms. Boer)

Future Business Leaders of American-To develop competent, aggressive, business leadership. Open to all students interested in better understanding American business enterprise. (Ms. S. Wilson)

Girls Who Code- Club developed to help provide high quality computer science education to young girls. (Dr. Stornetta)

Golf Club-members must have previous golf experience (suggested 5+ rounds).Matches played in the fall (Mr. Cicenia & Mr. Savarese SOMS)

Guildscript – The literary and art magazine is a medium for student creative efforts. Writers & artists are urged to submit original works which are considered for inclusion in the annual publication. (Ms. Pianka & Ms. Malhotra)

Guitar/Songwriting-Students and faculty who share a common interest in guitar playing and songwriting meet together to learn and perform for each other. (Mr. Lester)

Italian Cultural Club – Students will enjoy & experience Italian heritage & culture. (Mrs. Furnari)

Jazz Ensemble – Meets evenings weekly from October to June. Performs at community and school functions. This band has received national recognition on numerous occasions. (Mr. Bauer, C233)

Junior States of America – Members participate in debates, problem solving, and open forum discussions. Students attend conferences and learn about current events, politics & government issues facing our leaders today. (Ms. Thomas)

Magic Club – Students who are interested in pursuing and performing. (Mr. Healy)

Marching Band – Performs at football games and enters Fall competitions. (Mr. Bauer)

Martin Luther King Assn. – A club open to all, devoted to the remembrance of the civil rights movement and black history. (Mr. Royster & Ms. Faison)

Math Team – A competitive program which provides skilled mathematicians the opportunity to participate in the Iron Hills Conference League. (Mr. Kirkland & Ms. Power)

Medical Club- Students will meet to research & study topics related to the medical field. (Dr. Kaiser)

Mock Trial – Students learn about the trial process & stage their own versions of cases. They also compete in county, state, & national competitions with other high school teams. (Mrs. Vecchione & Mr. Borkowski)

O-Ambassadors- Service to help with fundraising for schools in Uganda. (Mr. Cohen)

Parnassian – The drama society, responsible for producing plays. (Dr. Bustrin)

Power- The club meets weekly to discuss issues relating to women’s rights. (Ms. Lopez)

Quiz Bowl – A club which prepares students to participate in competition with other schools on local television. (Ms. Thomas)

Robotics Club-competes in Robotics League.   Teaches students many tasks about building a robot and is in team competitions. (Mr. Tumolillo)

Roots & Shoots- Club is designed to work with GAIA to help identify issues affecting the environment, humans and animals. (Ms. Dharsi)

Science League-A competitive team in the fields of biology, chemistry and physics against other high schools in North Jersey. (Mr. Tumolillo)

Shakespeare Festival Club-Student run organization to promote and celebrate the works of William Shakespeare. (Mr. MacPherson & Ms. Johnson)

Spectrum – Students meet to discuss issues relevant to & in support of students and their families who self-identify as straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or are questioning these issues. (Ms. Johnson & Mr. Robles)

Stage Crew – Activities include building scenery, stage lighting and sound for school productions and assemblies, and for non-school events. (Ms. Abbondate)

Student Council-Students governing body (voice of students at CHS)- (Mrs. Edelman & Dr. Dalzell)

Ultimate Frisbee- A club with students from CHS playing this game in competitions organized by them. Club has girls and boys teams at different levels. (Mr. Hiam & Mr. Woodruff)

West Point Bridge Design- Competes in bridge design software to design a bridge and participate in nationwide competition. (Mr. Tumolillo)

Yearbook – A group of students, representing all grades, who work together to plan and complete the Mirror. Freshmen are encouraged to join this rewarding activity. (Ms. Ridall & Mrs. Vecchione)

Service Clubs:

ACHIEVE Volunteer Tutors: Students serve as tutors for elementary, middle, or high school students after school, evenings and weekends. (Counseling Center)

Amnesty International – A human rights advocacy group. Our chapter is part of the international organization. (Mr. Mastrodonato)

Elementors-Group of students who go to elementary schools during lunch to mentor (Counseling Dept.)

FLES – Students teach foreign languages to elementary school students. (Ms. Solis)

GAIA – The school’s environmental organization which sponsors recycling projects and visits elementary schools to heighten environmental awareness. (Mrs. Daur)

(Chapter of) the Komen Breast Cancer Fond.– Educate & heighten awareness about breast cancer; fund-raise for research. (Ms. Buckley)

Key Club – An organization which performs various service projects in the community (Ms. M. Russoniello)

Students Serving Seniors-A community service based club that organizes CHS students to visit and help senior citizens in the community. (Mr. McCormick)

Tour Guides – Students interested in providing a pre-set guided tour of Columbia for parents and community members. (Mrs. Mason, A103G)

Student Council Advisor – Mrs. Edelman, A218, & Dr. Dalzell A218

Senior Class Advisor –Mr. Tumolillo

Junior Class Advisor -Mr. Endlich

Sophomore Class Advisor –Dean Brown

Freshman Class Advisor – Mrs. Grossfeld


Interscholastic Athletics



Cross Country, Girls – Varsity

Cross Country, Boys – Varsity

Field Hockey, Girls – Varsity, JV, & Freshman

Football, Boys – Varsity, JV, Freshman

Soccer, Boys – Varsity, JV, Freshman

Soccer, Girls – Varsity, JV, Freshman

Tennis, Girls – Varsity, JV

Volleyball, Girls – Varsity & JV



Basketball, Boys – Varsity, JV, & Freshman

Basketball, Girls – Varsity, JV, & Freshman

Fencing, Boys & Girls – Varsity

Indoor Track, Boys – Varsity

Indoor Track, Girls – Varsity

Swimming, Boys & Girls – Varsity

Wrestling, Boys – Varsity & JV


Baseball, Boys-Varsity, JV, & Freshman

Softball, Girls-Varsity, JV

Lacrosse, Boys-Varsity, JV & Freshman

Lacrosse, Girls-Varsity, JV & Freshman

Tennis, Boys-Varsity, JV

Track Boys-Varsity

Track Girls-Varsity

(Fall Season:  Mid-August through late November, Winter Season:  Late November through early March, Spring Season:  Early March through late May)

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