VIDEO: Columbia HS Administration Condemns Rising Violence Against Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders

by The Village Green
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From Columbia High School Principal Frank Sanchez:

Statement Against Rising Anti-Asian American Violence

This morning [March 21], your child received a video statement (and PDF version) from the CHS administrative team condemning the rising violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

We ended the statement with a call to action, and I am sure our students with Columbia’s rich tradition of civic activism will do just that. We just want them to know that we will support them with any ideas and programs they create.

[From Mr. Sanchez: “Students, we need to call out those who use stereotypes and who discriminate, because at the end of the day this flag will go back up and many will continue on with their lives. We must act and make sure to do something so we can help to make a change so that our future is much different than our past.”]




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