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VIDEO, PHOTOS: ‘Farewell 2018’ Woodland Concert Features 4 Female Artists — All With CHS Ties

On Friday night December 28, from 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm, under my stage name (Consistent Coob) I hosted a concert named “Farewell 2018” that featured four local female artists who are all Columbia High School graduates (Autumn Jones, Mia Gladstone, The Euphony) with an exception of one (Kailyn Lauren) who is currently a Columbia High senior. This event was meant to celebrate the end of year with great music from our local artists. The event took place at The Woodland in Maplewood  and had an amazing turnout with a sold-out crowd. The community showed a tremendous amount of support not only for myself but the artists as well.

I received a lot of help from friends to make the event happen, whether it be them selling tickets at the door or selling drinks at the concession stand. Also I’m grateful to have my friends Ralph Ravix, William Patterson and Des Aarason because they photographed and filmed the entire event (see below).

“Farewell 2018” would not have been able to happen without everyone from my friends who helped me, to the artist who performed, to the community who showed so much support. Last but not least, Gary Jones was my right-hand man throughout the entire process. Even though he played more of a behind-the-scenes role, he was just as important in making the show happen as everyone else.

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