Wonder Donates Lunch to Tuscan Elementary for Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week

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From the Tuscan PTA:

The PTA was putting together our Teacher/Staff Appreciation Lunch for Tuscan Elementary School, and wanted to do something really special for our teachers this year. As we all know, the past two years have been rough, and especially for teachers. We’ve been seeing the Wonder trucks around our community, and it seemed like such a great fit. A teacher lunch is hard to plan, because our teachers eat when their students eat. There are different lunch times throughout the school day, ranging from 11:30 AM to 2 PM! The idea of food sitting out that long is not so appealing… We thought that fresh food prepared to order by Wonder would be a great solution … but waaay out of our PTA price range.

We reached out to them, and they offered to DONATE the meal for our teachers! Wonder put together a fantastic menu from Fred’s Meat & Bread and Barrio Café. They sent two mobile restaurants (those purple vans we had been seeing around town), and served Fred’s Burger Stack and Fred’s Falafel burger and Barrio’s Tacos Chicken Tinga. The burgers came with fresh french fries and the tacos came with guacamole and chips. Our teachers and staff were thrilled! Lara Crystal and Julie Carson from Wonder were on hand the whole day to make sure everything went smoothly.

We loved that we approached Wonder and that they said an (almost immediate) and enthusiastic YES! It was so gratifying for us to be able to honor our hardworking teachers and staff with such a special treat. It was truly heartwarming to see a company step up like this and want to give to our teachers as much as we did.

It ended up being a really fun day, with teachers and staff coming out into the sunshine to pick up their meals and share a friendly chat. It was also a very pandemic-friendly way to create the Teacher Appreciation Lunch, as people could pick up their meal and choose to eat together, or in a more private space. The PTA added some beverages and sweets that were set out in the teachers’ lounge. We’re so happy we could honor our teachers and show gratitude for all that they do for our children all throughout the school year.

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