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Kindergarten Preparedness at Open Door Nursery School

Where does it all begin? Parents and preschool create the foundation for a successful, lifelong learner. Open Door Nursery School is getting ready for kindergarten. What does that actually mean? It means the Open Door’s 4s class is having fun and preparing for elementary school in the fall.

Through play, the teachers demonstrate how to explore and problem solve. We role-play the actions and the language to use while navigating through social settings. Interacting with the children at their level and pushing them to think further is developmentally important at this age.

Through games and free play, we teach winning and losing, working together, figuring things out, and expanding creativity all while having fun. If you instill self-confidence now, you will have less anxious children later. Our goal is helping children succeed each day. We foster social and emotional growth to create kind, creative, cooperative young citizens for our future.

The most important part of our curriculum is providing an environment which builds on the foundation you the parents have started for your child. We teach the pre-reading skills necessary for them to be successful readers. We do this by developing strong fine motor skills (hand and finger strength), identifying letters and sounds, and creating a love for learning and reading.

Through our use of nursery rhymes and rhyming in general, the children experiment with putting sounds, blends, and words together to increase their vocabulary. The short and simple sentences in nursery rhymes are a good place for them to start.  It teaches children how to follow a simple story and characters, as well as following instructions, and much more. Reading every day to your child is the greatest advantage you can give them.

These are some of the daily benefits the children receive here at Open Door. Come in and visit us and see for yourself!

About Open Door Nursery School

Located at the Wyoming Presbyterian Church on Wyoming Avenue, Open Door Nursery School has been a fixture in the Millburn, Short Hills, Maplewood, and South Orange communities for more than 40 years. The school’s mission is to provide an atmosphere for young children, ages two-and-a-half to five, that is responsive to the development of the whole child, and the staff is committed to the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional well-being of each student.

Ursula Stigliano has been the 4s Lead Teacher for 20 years and a public school teacher prior to joining Open Door. Alethea Randazza is a former Open Door parent, parent committee member, teacher, and is now the
Director of the school. They are confident that the children who go through Open Door are prepared to successfully enter Kindergarten.

For more information about Open Door Nursery School please email Alethea Randazza at [email protected] and visit our web site.

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