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The Perfect Camp for SOMA Youth? Capitol Debate Empowers Youth to Advocate for Change

From Capitol Debate: 

Capitol Debate is proud to announce the release of their new video focused on how they prepare the Youth of Today to be the Leaders of Tomorrow!

This new video explores how the influence of past generations has forged a path for today’s students to become leaders in social change. This new generation of students understands the power of their voices. These students are intelligent, savvy, and passionate about the world around them. They speak out against injustice, march for their rights, and raise their voices.  

Capitol Debate aims to provide a platform for these students to confidently express their world-changing ideas. This generation is looking for a space to be heard. Capitol Debate wants to empower these students to speak their minds and change the world as we know it.

To view the video, visit the following link:

Capitol Debate offers summer camps and yearlong online debate programs focused on building students’ communication and critical thinking skills, thus leading to better academic performance at school and opening up career opportunities in their future. Their summer camp programs include Business Communication Camps, STEM Communication Camps, and Public Speaking and Debate Camps. The yearlong online programs allow students to access debate in places where their school may not offer a team.

Through their Communication and Debate programs, students become prepared to give outstanding speeches in classes, excel in interviews, and express themselves confidently in their daily lives.

Not only will students learn communications skills; they will feel an increase in self-worth, work on critical thinking skills, and improve communication with their peers.  Many of their former campers have gone on to participate in national debate tournaments and enroll in prestigious universities (UCLA, Stanford, USC, and Harvard to name a few).

Capitol Debate offers various camp dates at more than 35 locations for the 2019 Summer Season, with international camps in Singapore.

Capitol Debate holds year-long Club Debate League online programs run in the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons. They also offer introductory Club Debate online courses throughout the year.

Pricing and details can be found on the Capitol Debate website at

For more information about other programs and summer camp locations, please visit or reach out by phone at (800) 450 – 5012.

Follow Capitol Debate on Social Media for updates and insight about their summer camp programs:



Capitol Debate Outreach Team
800-450-5012 ext. 1
[email protected]

About Capitol Debate

Capitol Debate is the nation’s leading expert in teaching debate to middle school and high school students. Their nationally recognized staff has hundreds of years of pedagogical experience in helping youth find their voice. Thousands of shy students have been through their programs in the past 20 years of summer camps to become confident young adults and leaders in their community.

Their expert instructors have coached more national champions than any other camp in the nation. Their aim is to unlock the hidden talents students possess. They use instruction, education, and learning to provide the most important component of our debate camps- which is fun.

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