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CHS Girls Fencing Takes Bronze, CHS Boys & Girls Foil Squads Top 3 in State — & Jack Woods Wins Gold!

From Columbia High School Fencing:

Columbia High School Girls Fencing Team won the BRONZE medal in the State Championship on Tuesday, February 26th, winning their meet against Northern Highlands High School.  The girls fenced extremely well and clinched the win at 14-5.

Meanwhile, at the Fencing Squads tournament, held on the weekend of February 23-24, the Girls Foil Squad won SILVER and the Boys Foil Squad took home the BRONZE medal.  Other Squad results are as follows:

  • Boys Sabre – 6th
  • Girls Sabre – 9th
  • Girls Epee – 15th
  • Boys Epee – 19th

Finally, 5 CHS fencers competed this past Sunday, March 3, in the State Individuals Tournament: Jack Woods and Nicholas Goguen-Compagnoni (Boys Foil); Jeremy Giles (Boys Sabre); Janine Bacchus-Joseph and Shaine Hammarberg (Girls Sabre).  Jack Woods won GOLD, coming in FIRST in the State for Boys Foil.

Congratulations to all CHS Fencers for a terrific 2018-19 fencing season!

Photos courtesy of Nick Moramarco.
Sabre Girls (from left to right): Valentina Aquino, Shaine Hammarberg, Mia Zuckerberg, Janine Bacchus-Joseph, and Christina Wright
Epee Girls (from left to right): Allison Wisniewski, Maya Greenstein, Olivia Brash, Jasmine LeCount-McClanahan, and Phoebe Hill
Foil Girls (from left to right): Vivienne Clarke, Sara Kasler, Taylor Brooks, Zander Rhodes, and Hanna Lee
Jack Woods with Darryl White (head boys coach) and Tiffini Ginlock (head girls coach))

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