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CHS Girls Varsity Fencing Places 3rd of 52 at Santelli, Boys Place 8th at Cetrulo

From Columbia High School Fencing:

Fencing at Columbia High School has always been a widely popular sport and the team has a storied tradition with many state championships. This year so far, both the Boys and Girls fencing teams have been working very hard and their records have measured up to successes in the past. To note, the girls team this year includes 46 fencers, while the boys team has 26.

The Fencing season began with a Quad Meet on Saturday, December 15. A Quad meet is an all-day meet of four schools.

This year, both the Boys and Girls’ teams faced Livingston, Millburn and Montclair.  The Boys won against Montclair and Millburn and the Girls beat Millburn and Livingston. The results are below:


Columbia vs Montclair

  • 14-13 (clinched at 14-8).

Columbia vs. Millburn

  • 19-8

Columbia vs Livingston

  • 11-16


Columbia vs. Livingston

  • 17-9 (clinched at 14-3)

Columbia vs. Millburn

  • 18-9

Columbia vs. Montclair

  • 9-18

Since the Quad meet, both the Boys and Girls teams have been extremely busy.  

The Boys have faced Oratory Prep, St. Benedict’s Prep, Montclair Kimberly Academy, West Essex, St. Peters, and Christian Brothers Academy, and have beaten all but St. Benedict’s. The win against St. Peter’s (clinched at 14-10) was the first time Columbia has beaten the two-time State Champion in two years. The Boys also were quite pleased to have success over Christian Brothers Academy, as the Academy has been higher ranked than the Boys’ team for the last two years. The Boys’ clinched this win at 14-7.

Meanwhile, the Girls have faced Kent Place, Montclair Kimberly Academy, West Essex, and Oak Knoll and have won all of their meets.

Over the weekend of January 12-13th, the Varsity Boys and Girls teams also competed at the biggest high school fencing tournament in the country. For the Boys, the tournament is called Cetrulo and for the Girls it is the Santelli Tournament. 52 schools competed. The Girls finished 3rd overall and the Boys 8th, including a 2nd place finish for the Girls Foil squad and a 3rd place finish for the Boys’ Foil squad.

The CHS Boys starting line up has included Sabre fencers: Ethan Fisk, Jeremy Giles, Stephen Olaode, Jacinto Torrente, and Aaron Waldner; Foil fencers: Massimo Arana, Nicholas Goguen-Compagnoni, Hikaru Hayakawa, Timothy Rohan, and Jack Woods; Epee fencers: Jeffrey Bryant, Ben Goldberg, and Anthony Jackson.  The overall captain for the Boys’ team is Jeremy Giles, with Stephen Olaode and Jacinto Torrente being the Sabre squad co-captains, Nicholas Goguen-Compagnoni leading the Foil squad; and Anthony Jackson and Ben Goldberg as co-captains of the Epee squad.

The CHS Girls starters have included Sabre fencers: Janine Bacchus-Joseph, Tyanna Dove, Shaine Hammarberg, Lena Skagerlind, and Mia Zuckerberg; Foil fencers: Taylor Brooks, Vivienne Clarke, Sara Kasler, Hanna Lee, and Zander Rhodes; Epee fencers: Olivia Brash, Jasmine Dallison, Maya Greenstein, Phoebe Hill, Jasmine LeCount-McClanahan, and Allison Wisniewski.  The overall captain of the Girls’ team is Janine Bacchus-Joseph, with Mia Zuckerberg as Sabre squad captain; Taylor Brooks, Sara Kasler and Hanna Lee leading the Foil squad; and Jasmine LeCount-McClanahan as the captain of the Epee squad.

This week, both the Boys and Girls teams will face Newark Academy (on Tuesday, 1/22) and Governor Livingston (on Thursday, 1/24) with an all-important District tournament on Sunday, January 27th.  The Districts meet will determine if the teams can compete in the state championships, as well as the squad and individual championships.  Stay tuned. . .

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