Columbia HS Fencers Viqueira, Woods Place in Top Levels

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The following is from Krysia Woods


Columbia High School’s Marissa Viqueira (senior) and Jack Woods (freshman) demonstrated their extraordinary fencing skills at the highest level of competition in the National Division 1 Women’s and Men’s Foil Events.

Viqueira who has fenced on the CHS girls’ foil team throughout high school, and is a captain this year, placed 18th at this A4 classified event with 108 top level competitors. Woods, who is well known on the international circuit, placed 15th in the Division 1, A4 classified event with 163 top level competitors. It is a huge accomplishment for both these high school fencers when world champions compete at this level.

Head coach for the CHS fencing team Daryl White is really looking forward to the 2016-2017 high school fencing season which starts this week. Coach White says, ”Marissa and Jack are products of both their God given ability and their hard work and dedication to fencing. They both strive for excellence and have a deep understanding of the sport. They both are well respected and liked by their teammates. They are a coach’s dream. The one thing that I respect is that they are exceptional students and citizens in school.”

Matt Rothenberg, who is in his senior year at CHS and is captain of the boys’ saber team placed 55th in the National Division 1 Men’s Saber event with 99 top level competitors in this A4 event. Rothenberg also placed 57th in the Division 1A Men’s Saber A3 event with 96 competitors.

Camille Pham, who is also a senior and captain of the CHS girls’ foil fencing squad placed 71st in the Division 1 Women’s foil event.

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