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PHOTOS: Columbia High Boys Ultimate Wins Paideia Cup in Atlanta, GA

This weekend the Columbia High School Boys Varsity Ultimate team won the prestigious Paideia Cup tournament in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Paideia Cup is an elite tournament to which teams must apply. Only eight boys teams were accepted and six of those teams are currently ranked in the top 10 nationwide  — five out of the top six teams were at the tournament. CHS went into the tournament ranked #6 and beat the teams ranked #1, #3 and #5 on their path to victory. Rankings are updated on Wednesdays; it is anticipated that CHS will move up in the rankings based on this major win.

This victory was the culmination of many years of training and teamwork. This year there are 18 seniors on the CHS boys ultimate team, many of whom have been playing together since Hometown Ultimate in middle school. The team marked its 50th Anniversary last fall and money raised through the anniversary celebration held at the Woodland over Thanksgiving weekend helped fund the expense of flying 33 players, chaperones and a coach to Atlanta for this tournament.

The atmosphere was competitive but friendly. When CHS beat the team from Amherst Regional High School in the finals, it was especially meaningful since many of the CHS players have attended annual tournaments in Amherst since middle school and attended Amherst-based National Ultimate Training Camp (NUTC) for many summers.

Team captains: Tristan Yarter, Zach Singer, and Aylen Learned (all seniors at CHS). Jeremy Singer chaperoned the trip and also coached many of the players when they were in Hometown Ultimate back in middle school.
Photos by Kristin Harris.
With reporting from Anne O’Malley.

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