Letter of Support: Sheena Collum Passionate About Service

by The Village Green
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To the Editor:

Sheena Collum is passionate about service to others and has an incredible track record of delivering results for this community, which is why I will be voting for her for Village President on Tuesday, May 12.

I can think of few individuals who respond directly and appropriately to the concerns of others and she does this quite well. While serving as a Trustee, Sheena spearheaded efforts with residents of the now Seton Village area to organize and bring renewal to an often neglected section of town. I have had the opportunity to work alongside Sheena and saw up close a true class act. She has a great sense of integrity and encouraged committee members to act professionally and with openness. All members of the committee are allowed a voice and even the dissenting ones have had a seat at the table. There is a sense of joy for her in bringing plans to completion.

It is not my intention to convey that Sheena is all work because she has a great sense of humor too and we always have a lot of laughs. The ability to take criticism and not be defensive is an undervalued and underdeveloped characteristic in most individuals. Sheena is grace under fire and I have witnessed her stepping back when challenged and responding analytically and objectively.

In conclusion, electing Sheena Collum as our first woman Village President gives us an individual who is tireless in her efforts to improve the lives of others, who loves this town fiercely, who is dedicated to bringing out best in all her colleagues and who embodies the finest representation our town can have. Please vote Row B on Election Day!

Olivia Lewis Chang

South Orange

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