Maplewood to Consider Requiring Neighbor Notification of Liquor License Transfers

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The Maplewood Township Committee is introducing an ordinance at its Tuesday night meeting that would require applicants for liquor licenses to provide advance notice to adjoining property owners.

The ordinance, #2797-15, would require anyone applying for a “Place to Place” license (where an existing license is being transferred from one party to another) to give a minimum of ten days’ notice of a hearing to adjoining property owners within 200 feet of the location.

The impetus for the ordinance was the approval of a liquor license for the owner of a Wine Barrel liquor store set to open on the corner of Springfield Avenue and Prospect Street, which caused objections from some residents.

Also on the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting (at Town Hall at 7:30 p.m.) are promotions of police officers, several proclamations, and a Board of Health meeting.

The entire agenda can be found here.

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