Maplewood Honors Long-Term Employees

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On December 16, long-term municipal employees celebrating 5, 10, 15, 20, 35 and 40 years of service were honored by Maplewood Township with longevity.

Township Clerk Liz Fritzen is honored for 35 years of service.

Township Clerk Liz Fritzen is honored for 35 years of service.

Employees’ names were read allowed and those present received a pin and congratulations from Township Administrator Joe Manning, Assistant Township Administrator Cesar Correa, Mayor Vic DeLuca, Deputy Mayor Kathy Leventhal and Committeepersons Jerry Ryan, India Larrier and Marlon K. Brownlee.

Township Clerk Elizabeth Fritzen received a particularly warm reception for her 35 years of service, but Mario Riccardi bested all the honorees with 40 years of service at the Department of Public Works.

Those employees present are pictured below.

The list of those honored:

5 Years

  • Keisha M. Miller, Library
  • Reneasha Eliassaint, Pool
  • Aedan Hill, Pool
  • Ari Ascher, Library
  • Edward Starzynski, DPW
  • Joseph Giorgio, FD
  • Elijah Moloney, Recreation
  • Jolene Corry, PD
  • Justin Moen, PD
  • Morton J. Harris, Health

10 Years

  • Edward John Raith, PD
  • Michael Banks, Pool
  • Donita Brown, Library
  • William F. Krueger
  • Michael Gilligan, FD
  • Bridget Mike, PD
  • Dave Aliassaint, Recreation
  • Sandra Holtz, Library
  • Amanda Eigen, Library
  • Michael Porter, Pool
  • Andrew Gnutti, Clerk
  • Michael Hannigan, FD
  • Yvonne Christian, Recreation

15 Years

  • Thomas Bailey, PD
  • Brett Derewsky, FD
  • William Washington, Recreation
  • Frank Monaco, DPW
  • Richard Salkowski, FD
  • Tracey Brodnax, PD
  • Peter Kuenzel, PD
  • Miguel Perez Jr., FD

20 Years

  • Benjamin Kaufman, Legal
  • Joseph La Riccia, Building
  • Walter Nugent, FD
  • Giancarlo Rinaldi, DPW
  • Kevin Cahill, DPW
  • Edward Galante, Assessor
  • Marcus Stewart, PD
  • Kathleen D. Champion, Library
  • Kenneth Yarussi, FD
  • Robert Buchner, DPW

35 Years

  • Elizabeth Fritzen

40 Years

  • Mario Riccardi



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