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Maplewood to Reinstate Daibes as Developer of Springfield Ave Project


The Maplewood Township Committee and representatives of Daibes have reached an agreement for the developer to complete the delay-plagued 5,000 square foot mixed-use project at Springfield and Burnett avenues across from the police and court building.

Township Counsel explained that Daibes would post $100,0000 in escrow pending completion of the enclosure of the building. If the deadline of Feb. 15 is not met to finish the coping, first floor windows and doors on the building, the $100,000 would be remitted to the town.

Daibes would pay the cost of an independent third-party consultant to monitor and inspect the project.

However, Daibes balked at a requirement to submit to and pay for weekly inspections after the February 15 deadline, when there would be four more months of internal and other construction to complete the project. At that point, Mayor Vic De Luca suggested that Daibes’ attorney Joseph Vena and his clients “take a break” and reconsider; otherwise, said De Luca, “I don’t think you’re prepared to be back on the job.”

Ultimately, Daibes and the town agreed to inspections every two weeks.

In September, the Township voted to sever ties with the developer. “This has been an ongoing headache,” said De Luca at that time, referring to the many delays that had plagued the project.

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