New Solar-Powered Crosswalk Signs Debut on Springfield Ave in Maplewood

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Maplewood Township has installed new signs along Springfield Avenue to assist pedestrians crossing the street at intersections without traffic lights. The signs are solar powered and flash when pedestrians push a button to alert motorists that they are about to cross the street.

Village Green tested the sign at Colgate and Springfield on Tuesday afternoon, on the sidewalk outside of Hunan Wok. As soon as the button was pushed, lights flashed and a vehicle stopped to allow the reporter to cross the street safely (hence the ability to post this article).

The new signs were installed at the unsignalized intersections from Millburn Avenue to Colgate Road. According to Township Engineer Thomas Malavasi, the signs were installed as part of the repaving of Springfield Avenue. Malavasi said that the project was partially paid for by New Jersey Department of Transportation Local Aid funding, with the remainder paid for out of the Township’s Capital Budget.

Fourteen signs were installed thus far, with 4-8 more signs to come. Malavasi said that the next phase of the project was “currently under design.” All pedestrian crossing signs will be placed at non-signalized intersections.

The installed cost of the signs was $3,071.24 each.

The Township is planning to install additional signs along Springfield Avenue east of Colgate later in 2015.

Click on any photo below to view a slideshow of crosswalk sign images.


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