New Jersey Working Families to Host Voting Rights Rally in Spiotta Park, January 6

by The Village Green
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From the Maplewood Democratic Committee:

There is a story often told that after the Constitutional Convention in 1787, Benjamin Franklin was asked whether we were to be a monarchy or a republic. He replied “a Republic, if you can keep it.”

As we reflect on the violent attempted overthrow of our democracy one year ago today and vow to strengthen our collective action to protect voting rights & our elections, the Maplewood Democratic Committee supports the efforts of our elected officials and all citizens to call out the perpetrators of the violence, calling for accountability, and standing in solidarity with Democrats everywhere fighting to preserve our democracy.  Republicans are still promoting misinformation and sowing distrust and unequivocally stand with Trump in dismantling free & fair elections, the bedrock of our constitutional democracy. Their actions have shifted to local elections (even here in NJ)!  The threat is real, the lies continue to grow, and neighbors are being radicalized.

For the first time in160 years ago, our republic, the United States Constitution and our form of government are in jeopardy. It is up to all of us to ensure that this does not happen, to protect the unrestricted right to vote, and to ensure that the peaceful transition of power after elections continues.

Today at 6:30pm in Spiotta Park in South Orange, New Jersey Working Families will be holding a rally for Democracy. Please join others there to remember the important role we all play in preserving voting rights for all Americans and our democracy. And please continue to support organizations doing this important work as set forth here:


 Maplewood Democratic Committee 1/6/2022

Ian Grodman, Chair                                                             Tammy Nunn Haynie

Garnet Hall and John Sullivan, Vice Chairs                    Bruno Lee

Mark Loughney                                                                    Bill Steinbrunn

Shannon SafeSchools Cuttle                                             Louis Copeland

Jose Padron                                                                         Deborah Engel

Dean Brown                                                                          Erin Scherzer

Craig Goldstein                                                                    Kurt Kiley

India Larrier                                                                           Amy Jo Curran

Martin Ceperly                                                                      Allison Rosefort

Fariha Chougle                                                                     Gideon Romann

Jeanne Uhl                                                                            Rebecca Scheer

Rick Greenberg                                                                    Steve Sigmund

Dean Dafis                                                                            Marianne Rubino

Fred Profeta                                                                          Leonard Robbins

Greg Lembrich                                                                     David Huemer

Janey DeLuca                                                                      Nada Alzoubi

Vic Deluca                                                                             Kathy and Jerry Leventhal

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