North Newstead Milling and Paving Rescheduled for September 1-4

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At Monday night’s South Orange Board of Trustees meeting, Village Administrator Barry Lewis reported that the schedule for North Newstead milling and paving — originally scheduled for August 25-28 as announced earlier in the day — had just been changed to September 1-4.

Lewis explained that the contractor had some scheduling issues with other contracts. As a result, North Newstead milling will take place September 1 and 2, and paving will follow on September 3 and 4.

Streets involved include Mountain Drive, Great Hills Drive, North Woods Drive and Crestwood Drive.

The following information is from a posting on the South Orange Village Facebook page:

The first step is the milling of portions of the roads, which involves grinding off a few inches of the asphalt, which will then be followed by the paving of the roads. During the milling phase conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday, residents will have access to their driveways at virtually all times (except for the five or ten minutes on which they are actually milling across the opening of a specific driveway). As a result, there should be no need to temporarily relocate vehicles during the milling. However, on the day scheduled for a particular road to be paved (listed below) access to driveways will be restricted for several hours while the paving is completed as well as for a cooling period following the paving. As a result, if residents need access to their vehicles on the day listed below for the paving of their street, they are advised to park their car on one of the other streets not listed for paving that day (or if it is closer on Glenview or Longview). Overnight parking will be allowed if residents wish to move their car the night before.

Check the South Orange Village Facebook page or for updates.

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