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PHOTOS: Third & Valley Building is Rising in South Orange


South Orange’s newest redevelopment project, Third & Valley, a mixed-use residential and retail building with a parking deck is rising in downtown South Orange.

Third & Valley, South Orange
Third & Valley, South Orange

The building, being developed by the Jonathan Rose Company, is set to open in late 2015. It will contain 215-mixed income residential units, 513 parking spaces (255 of which will be for the public) and 3,000 square feet of retail.

The parking deck will be in a “double helix” design with two decks that spiral around each other —  one side for shoppers and commuters with permits and the other for tenants. The South Orange Parking Authority will oversee the public side, and Jonathan Rose’s parking manager will be responsible for the deck’s common functions, such as utilities, repairs and snow removal.

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