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South Orange Looking to Eliminate Parking on Scotland Road, Improvements to Come

Traffic calming, new striping, curb cuts, improved lighting, rumble strips — all this could be coming to Scotland Road in South Orange in 2018.

But first, the South Orange Board of Trustees needs to take a first step, eliminating parking for the length of Scotland Road in South Orange, from South Orange Avenue to the border.

An ordinance doing just that was passed on introduction on Monday, June 26. Neighbors will be noticed before a second reading and hearing on the ordinance.

Trustee Howard Levison explained via email why parking needs to be eliminated: “The road is not evenly divided with the center line offset leaving sideline/shoulder space different on either side — the west side slightly wider than the east side — but neither wide enough for parking. Therefore, [it’s] extremely dangerous for anyone to park on either side.​ Again, this is preparation for the repaving project which [is] being investigated for inclusion/prerequisites.”
Levison said that payment is being negotiating on many items (other than noted):
  • Repaving of the entire length in South ORange (Essex County responsibility) – repair/correction of some of the sections to occur this year where there has been water related damage.
  • Curbing and apron replacement.
  • Replacement of a water main dated 1892 and replacement of any lead or all laterals.
  • Installation of electric LED gas lamp lookalike lighting – may eliminate current cobra lamps.
  • Sanitary and storm sewer repairs.
  • Planting of some 50 trees provided by the County.
  • Centering road striping (center and side lines) with warning grooves (that the rumble grading that makes noise when you drive over it) – County (County will test shortly on curved sections).
  • Possible PSEG gas line upgrade.
  • Bus stop offsets (Ralston & Montrose).
  • Crosswalk signage and roadway markings including flashing sign at Raymond.
During the June 26 Board of Trustees meeting, Levison explained that the changes would improve pedestrian safety through traffic calming and improved lighting. Trustee Walter Clarke voiced his approval for the warning grooves/rumble strips, “So when people do drift they were hear the rumble strips before achieve any real speed.”

Village President Sheena Collum worried about the loss of parking as she said it now serves as “natural calming.”

Clarke said, “I disagree. It creates more of a hazard.”

Earlier in the meeting, John Sammaro, public safety chair for the West Montrose Association, said that the association supported the elimination of parking on Scotland Road “to allow the Village and County to engineer the street which we’ve been working toward for 15 years to make the road safer for everyone who lives, drives and walks and crosses Scotland Rd.”

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