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VIDEO, PHOTOS: SOMA Action Protests at Trump International Golf Club

Nearly a dozen members of SOMA Action protested at President Trump’s Bedminster golf course on Sunday, July 16, as the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) hosted the final day of the U.S. Women’s Open Championship.

Seven women from SOMA Action wore T-shirts with lettering spelling “SISTER!” at the tournament at Trump National Golf Course, but then re-arranged the letters to spell: “RESIST!”

The women then turned around to spell out “This is not NORMAL.”

The Bergen Record reported that no-one was arrested and the protest lasted less than five minutes. The group arrived near Trump’s skybox behind the 16th tee, according to The Record, “but after seeing that they might cause a distraction for the golfers, the protesters rerouted to a concession stand up the road.”

The protest and response were golf-club-calm. The protesters remained respectfully quiet so as not to disturb the golfers. In one video, two passersby can be heard saying, “Very nice, ladies!” and “Thank you, ladies!” Although a security guard stood in front of the group to disrupt video recording at one point, The Record wrote that he ultimately “relented.”

SOMA Action is described on its website as follows: “SOMA Action is an active and growing group of 900+ diverse members from South Orange, Maplewood and neighboring communities. We are committed to social and environmental justice, a healthy nation and planet and a transparent and accountable government. SOMA Action promotes the dignity, rights and welfare of the community, earth and society and we stand in solidarity with other groups working toward these goals.”

There were other protests at the Trump International course on Sunday. Read more here.

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