The Village Green Election Guidelines

by The Village Green
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The Village Green aims to cover all local elections as fairly and completely as possible. This includes the election for three seats on the South Orange Board of Trustees and the race for South Orange Village President on May 12. In addition, Democratic and Republican primary elections for Maplewood Township Committee take place on June 2.

The Village Green will aim to cover candidates with as much parity as possible. We will publish candidate profiles for all candidates (unless a candidate does not want to participate), and cover candidate forums and debates.

We will publish Letters to the Editors in support of candidates. Publishing these letters is at the discretion of the editors. We do not publish letters attacking competing candidates. We aim to publish as many letters as we receive — providing they do not contain personal attacks, profanity or verifiably false information; however, if there is a great volume and they are received late in the race, we cannot guarantee that they will be posted. Letters to the Editors can be submitted to

Candidates are welcome to advertise on the site; however, advertising will not impact news coverage (meaning: a candidate who purchases advertising will not in turn receive additional or positive news coverage).

In addition, we caution: News is news. Candidates who present newsworthy items may receive coverage at the discretion of the editors. Likewise, we will not shy away from a news story that involves a candidate whether negatively or positively.

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