What’s Happening at the Rahway River?

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If you’ve been wondering about the gigantic dirt piles along the banks of the South Orange branch of the Rahway River lately, we have the answer for you.

South Orange Trustee Walter Clarke said the dredging project is part of the ongoing maintenance of the river required by the Army Corps of Engineers.

“The material is taken from the river and stockpiled on the bank to ‘de-water’ before it is removed,” Clarke explained. “This keeps the river flowing smoothly, clears the flume areas, and acts as an aid to overall storm water management.”

Clarke said the work has been deferred for several years, “but we are now addressing it to be a part of a regular maintenance program.” The project, which will cost $280,000, should be completed by the beginning of the school year (weather permitting).

“Not a super sexy story,” Clarke said, “but maintenance rarely is.”


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