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Maplewood 2016 Spring Rake Out Schedule — and More

The Maplewood Leaflet was emailed to residents today and it contains heaps of good information for local residents looking to do some spring cleaning.

Here are the schedules for rake-out, recycling, shredding, bulk dropoff and more:

SHRED-IT DAY (April 9th, from 8-12):  Shred-It Day allows Maplewood residents to shred any personal paper items such as legal documents, private records, books, magazines, etc.   This will be held at the Maplewood Recycling Center at 359 Boyden Avenue.  The hours are 8am – 12pm, or until the truck is filled (whichever occurs first).

SPRING RAKE-OUT (April 11th through May 20th):  This program presents Maplewood residents the opportunity to dispose of any unwanted branches, leaves, and other raked items from their lawns.  Materials to be collected are limited to branches, leaves, and garden rakings, and all items should be placed curbside for collection as follows:

  1. Branches must not be more than four feet in length, and tied in bundles that can be handled by one man.
  2. Leaves and garden rakings must be placed in reusable containers (i.e. garbage pales/buckets) or paper bags that can be lifted by one man.
  3. Rocks and soil are not permitted.  Containers will be left behind if these materials are found in them, or if they cannot be lifted by one man.

2016 Spring Rake-Out Schedule

Section 1: 4/11, 4/19, 4/27, 5/5. and 5/13

Section 2: 4/12, 4/20, 4/28, 5/6, and 5/16

Section 3: 4/13, 4/21, 4/29, 5/9, and 5/16

Section 4: 4/14, 4/22, 5/2, 5/10, and 5/18

Section 5: 4/15, 4/25, 5/3, 5/11, and 5/19

Section 6: 4/16, 4/26, 5/4, 5/12, and 5/20

FREE TREE SEEDINGS:  (April 30th, from 8-12 at Memorial Park): As part of the NJ Tree recovery campaign, the Department of Public Works will be giving away tree seedlings to residents.  Various types of seedlings will be available while quantities last.

ELECTRONICS RECYCLING DAY (May 14th, from 8-12): Residents can bring their recyclable electronic items to the Maplewood Recycling Center at 359 Boyden Ave.  Residents can also bring their recyclable electronics items to the South Orange Dept. of Public Works on June 11th (300 Walton Rd., South Orange;  from 8-12).
For a complete listing of acceptable and non-acceptable items, visit our website at:

BULK DROP-OFF PROGRAM (June 4th, from 8-2pm):  This program allows Maplewood residents to dispose of their bulk items by bringing them to the Department of Public Works Recycling Facility (359 Boyden Ave.)  ABSOLUTELY NO CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

CURBSIDE RECYCLING:  The Township has a new contractor for our curbside recycling collections.  Effective 3/7/16, Basso Rubbish Removal, Inc. is responsible for the Township’s weekly curbside collections.  For information about curbside recycling, visit our website at: Or, you can call the Department of Public Works at973-762-1175.

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