Maplewood Post Office Site Construction Update, Next Steps

by The Village Green
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The following is from Maplewood Township:


Today, May 13, construction fencing was installed around the building perimeter, including along Maplewood Avenue. The fencing allows unrestricted access to the crosswalks at Inwood Place and the Ricalton Square parking lot.

PLEASE DO NOT use the Maplewood Avenue sidewalk along the construction fencing between Inwood Place and Ricalton Square. And PLEASE DO NOT WALK IN THE STREET (tell your kids!).

The Town is making every effort to ensure continued safe passage for pedestrians and vehicular circulation during this project. The project site is within the fencing. But we all need to be careful to observe fencing limits, and be aware of construction vehicles and equipment going to and from the site.


There will be continued vehicular circulation through the Ricalton Square lot for the duration of this project via an access lane in the existing lot entrance.


Village Coffee Lot

All parking in the Village Coffee lot will be available this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, May 14-15.

Beginning Monday, May 16, there will be no parking in the north side Village Coffee lot, adjacent to the project site. All other parking in that lot will be available.

Ricalton Square Lot

Parking will remain open on the park side, along the railroad tracks, and along Valley National Bank for the duration of the project.
Parking on both sides of the entrance to the Ricalton Square lot will be unavailable until further notice.


On Monday, May 16, an 8’ wide pedestrian path will be constructed to link Maplewood Avenue to the NJT pedestrian tunnel. The walkway is a temporary installation in the existing parking spots on the north side of the Village Coffee lot, adjacent to the project site. The walkway will be covered with a plank roof.

The developer is working with PSE&G to ensure proper lighting along the pedestrian path.

The two handicapped parking spots in the Village Coffee lot, adjacent to the project site, will be moved adjacent to the Village Coffee building, closest to Maplewood Avenue.

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