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Essex County Board of Freeholders Approves Funding for Irvington Avenue Streetscape Improvement

From the Essex County Board of Chosen Freeholders:

Pictured are (from left to right, front row) District 2 Freeholder Vice President Wayne Richardson, Freeholder At-Large Romaine Graham, District 3 Freeholder Tyshammie L. Cooper, Freeholder At-Large Patricia Sebold, and Freeholder President At-Large Brendan Gill. (From left to right, back row) District 5 Freeholder Carlos Pomares, District 4 Freeholder Leonard M. Luciano, Freeholder At-Large Rufus I. Johnson, and District 1 Freeholder Robert Mercado. Photo by Glen Frieson

On July 25, 2019, the Essex County Board of Chosen Freeholders approved two resolutions that will allocate $1,062,266.95 for the completion of the Irvington Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project. The project was the idea of the Village of South Orange’s Irvington Avenue Corridor Advisory Committee, and its goal is to revitalize the street and commercial districts along Irvington Avenue in the towns of South Orange, Maplewood, and Newark.  

Specifics of the plan include creating a bike route that connects the corridor and the various municipalities, improving public spaces and encouraging infill development, sidewalk renovations, new lighting, and establishing the corridor’s eastern end, where Parker Avenue meets Irvington Avenue, as a new destination point for patrons from the surrounding areas called “Maplewood Corners.” 

Once completed, the Irvington Avenue corridor will be in compliance with Essex County’s Complete Streets policy, which will allow for safe travel by those walking, cycling, driving, and riding public transportation. Freeholder President Brendan Gill, a strong proponent of the Complete Streets policy, was pleased that the Board and the County Administration were able to work together and ensure this project would move forward. 

“County Roads such as Irvington Avenue are vital to the fabric of our communities. It is important to ensure that these roads are passable from a traveling perspective, and we must also make sure they are aesthetically pleasing and welcoming to businesses, their patrons, residents and visitors alike.” He continued, “The Irvington Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project will accomplish this for the communities of South Orange, Maplewood, and Newark. I am happy that the Board was able to play a part in this process, and I look forward to seeing the finished product.”

Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo also expressed his approval of the project coming together. “An ongoing initiative of my administration has been to update our infrastructure so that safety is enhanced for pedestrians and motorists, and the growing needs of the community are met. The Irvington Avenue streetscape improvements will improve the flow of traffic and modernize a busy commercial and residential thoroughfare in three of our municipalities.”

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