‘Lift Every Voice and Sing’: Maplewood Township Committee Recognizes Black History Month 2021

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On Tuesday the Maplewood Township Committee recognized the beginning of Black History Month, which was expanded from Black History Week in 1976.

“Throughout our country’s history, there have been millions of Black-Americans who have personified Black excellence by fighting for and making personal sacrifices to create a better America for all,” read Mayor Frank McGehee.

“Black-Americans have bravely broken down racial barriers in the face of unspeakable discrimination and continue to push for racial and social justice,” McGehee continued. 

“Maplewood acknowledges that we as a society and community still have a way to go and that we all have a responsibility to do our part to continue to address the continuing challenges facing Black people in America today, including mass incarceration, voter suppression, institutional racism, police violence, and hate crimes.”

Read the full proclamation here:

Download (PDF, 50KB)

McGehee finished by urging the community “to educate themselves to the principles of justice and equality for all, and to be mindful that diversity, equity, and inclusion, and actively being anti-racist, is a year-round priority.”

The proclamation was followed by a rendition of Lift Every Voice And Sing, sung by everyone on the call. The song is a tradition at Maplewood TC meetings that commemorate Black History Month.

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