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Maplewood Asks Health Director to Address ‘Disgusting’ Columbia High School Bathrooms

The Maplewood Township Committee has asked the township’s Health Director to look into the condition of the South Orange-Maplewood School District’s bathrooms, especially those in the high school.

“It has become knowledgeable to me that they are in unsanitary conditions,” said TC member Frank McGeHee, who chairs the Board of Health. He asked health director Robert Roe to inspect every bathroom in the district. “I’d love for you to go and take a look at them and if possible write up the school district.”

McGeHee said many bathrooms are lacking toilet paper and soap, and some are missing stall doors and that the district must “immediately” address the issues. “That is a violation.”

“I can attest they are quite disgusting,” said a CHS student who is also a member of the Youth Advisory Committee. She noted that the “[lack of] toilet paper is a major issue [and] oftentimes we don’t have soap. The sinks don’t work either,”  some of the stall doors do not close and there are leaks of “unknown liquid” in places.

“Please consider taking a look. Every student at CHS can agree the bathrooms are not in good condition.”

McGeHee said the situation is a “deep concern” of his. “The school district is failing our kids.”

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