Maplewood Recreation Advisory Cmte Reminds Residents to Share Parks Respectfully

by The Village Green
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From the Maplewood Recreation Advisory Committee:

The Maplewood Recreation Advisory Committee wants to remind all residents that our parks are beautiful spaces open to all, where we can enjoy the outdoors during this difficult time. We urge everyone to use our parks and to do so in a respectful manner. This starts by following town ordinances and thinking of others. 

  • Use the parks as designated by town ordinance:
  • Put your trash in proper receptacles
  • NO dogs off leash –– it’s the law!
  • Dogs are not permitted on courts and ball fields
  • Parks close at night and nearby residents have a right to peace and quiet
  • No scooters in the skate park
  • Do not enter any fields covered with turf blankets.
  • Call 911 from our parks only in the event of an emergency. Please consider if the situation is merely an inconvenience to you or a true emergency. As noted by Mayor McGehee, “In 2018, in Maplewood over 300 calls were made to 911 which were not about police matters,…” and often involved an element of racial profiling. When someone makes a call to 911, the police department is required to respond. If that call is a result of a matter that should not require police resources an unnecessary confrontation can result. Refraining from unjustified calls can help save cost and time but, more importantly, shows our community’s commitment to avoiding the perpetuation of harmful, negative stereotypes and racial profiling which traumatize our minority populations.
  • Wear your mask and wear it properly (covering both your mouth and your nose).
  • If you’re not feeling well, stay home! Signs and symptoms of coronavirus include fever, cough and shortness of breath.
  • Keep your distance as much as possible (remember: everyone’s comfort level right now is different, so be respectful and cautious).

Our parks are precious open spaces. They are SHARED. Respect each other and our parks. TOGETHER we will get through this tough time as a community!

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