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Maplewood Township Unveils Local History Project in a Park Near You

The following is from the Township of Maplewood and was originally published on May 19, 2017:

In 1775, Ezekial Ball built his home on an area of land called Tuskin Hall. The area became a resort for Newark area businesspeople and politicians who each week would put aside their personal ideology for a Saturday night dinner at the Tuscan Farm Club formed by Newark Mayor Jacob Haussling and his partners. You may now know of this area near Tuscan School which is open to public use through the Maplecrest Park Walking Path.

After more than a year of design development, Maplewood Township has unveiled three walking path maps and historical panels to enrich our community and encourage outdoor use of the parks. The panels are located at Dehart Park, Borden Park, and Maplecrest Park. Learn about Maplewood’s past and living history while getting outside with your family. All of the panels are also available below or online here.

The panels were created through the efforts of India Larrier, Township Committee member, as well as Susan Newberry and John Branigan of the Maplewood Historic Preservation Commission. By combining their vision for the project with historical research and design, the community can now enjoy a project that celebrates local history. [Editor’s note: Susan Newberry wrote to tell us, “Candace Davenport of the Maplewood Heath Department was the spark plug on this.”]

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