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South Orange Police Enforce Safety With Record 1,047 Traffic Summonses in March

South Orange Police and Village President Sheena Collum are serious about pedestrian and traffic safety, so much so that 1,047 traffic summonses — a record — were issued in South Orange in March 2017.

“There’s only so much public education involved with traffic safety that there comes a point when drivers know exactly what they’re doing — driving through stop signs, flying through crosswalks, playing on their phone, taking illegal turns into parking spaces, and determining in their own minds that 20 MPH means 40 MPH,” Collum wrote on Facebook. “If fines and points on your driver’s license don’t phase you, think about the image attached.”

The aggressive ticketing is part of an increased focus on traffic and pedestrian safety signaled by the announcement by Collum and the South Orange Board of Trustees in October 2015 that South Orange had joined the Street Smart NJ program, a pedestrian safety education campaign to promote traffic safety and reduce pedestrian-motor vehicle crashes.

“Pedestrian Safety continues to be a priority for the Village and joining the Street Smart NJ program is a great way for the municipality to take advantage of numerous marketing resources to better educate motorists and pedestrians,” said Collum at the time of the Street Smart NJ announcement. “Additionally, the South Orange Police Department… continues to enforce pedestrian safety laws and run targeted details.”

Read more about the Street Smart NJ announcement here. To learn more about the campaign, visit The campaign is also on Facebook (StreetSmartNJ) and Twitter (@njstreetsmart).

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