Book Sale/Bake Sale Fundraiser to Support ‘Kids v Cancer’ on May 30

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The following is a message from the organizers of the event.

The 7th Annual Kids v Cancer Book Sale Bake Sale will be held on Saturday, May 30, 9am-1pm, at 38 Plymouth Avenue in Maplewood. Please stop by, say hi, and restock your shelves and stomachs; as always, our resident barista will be cranking up the espresso machine.

We have more books than ever before, organized from board books to young adult (and even old adult).

As in the past, books will be 25 cents each; 10 for $2.

Download (PDF, 4.31MB)

Please help us get the word out. If you are a member of a group or have friends who might be interested, please forward this email to as many of them as possible. We have zillions of great-condition, wonderful books looking for new homes, and our email list is relatively small.

If it looks like rain, please contact us for a rain date or check the Kids v Cancer Facebook page.

A little bit about Kids v Cancer: Since forming in 2009 (in memory of our dear friend Jacob Froman), the organization authored and championed the Creating Hope Act, which was passed into law in 2012 and provides a market-based incentive to spur pediatric cancer drug development. Under this act, three vouchers have been awarded thus far, as well as the most promising treatment for neuroblastoma in 40 years. The organization is working on getting a similar program enacted in the European Union. Other projects include the Kids’ Innovative Drugs Initiative, which is aimed at helping kids with cancer get access to the most promising therapies, even if they are unapproved for or have been abandoned for adult cancers, an autopsy tissue donation program, and a program to help families obtain compassionate-use access to investigational drugs for their terminally ill children.

All books remaining at sale’s end will be donated to the Orange Book Pantry and to local library sales.

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