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Levison: South Orange Police HQ Exterior Work Site to Be Cleaned Up by End of Week

A messy situation outside the South Orange Police Headquarters building will be cleaned up by the end of the week, reports Trustee Howard Levison.

The situation was the subject emails and photos (see below) sent to Village Green by a reader on Monday, March 11.

At the March 11 Board of Trustees meeting, Village President Sheena Collum noted that the police station is undergoing a complex, multi-year renovation and lauded the work of Levison, who is chair of the Public Safety Committee and has spearheaded the improvements.

In a followup email to Village Green, Levison noted: “This is a major renovation project nearing its end – when the weather changes the exterior work will be completed.” He addressed the exterior situation by saying, “It will be cleaned up by the end of the week.” Levison said that the “weather has a significant impact as well as a contractor that we need to be on top of all the time.”

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