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New South Orange Village Administrator Passes on Position Due to ‘Personal’ News

From South Orange Village President Sheena Collum (read Village Green’s report about Steve Gallo’s appointment as South Orange Village Administrator here.)

To the South Orange Community:

It is with great disappointment that I share Mr. Steve Gallo, who was scheduled to take the reigns as our next Village Administrator this month, will no longer be able to join us. As you likely know, I was very excited about Mr. Gallo given his extensive experience in municipal management, capital projects, overseeing water and sewer utilities, redevelopment, shared services, and master planning.  Most importantly, Mr. Gallo shared an enthusiasm for the type of inclusive and progressive community we are that values the public input and team spirit we’re cultivated to make our unique village even better. It certainly was a great fit and that sentiment was shared by my colleagues on the Board of Trustees and municipal department heads who joined in this recruitment process.

Mr. Gallo received news, relating to his family and personal life, that would understandably prevent him from taking on this new opportunity. We have wished him and his family our best and fortunately for us, we now have a new friend who will always be welcome in our community.

I will keep you apprised of our next steps.  In the interim, know that I and the Board are committed to pushing forward with our various initiatives and continuing to work with staff to ensure the highest level of customer service and response to our community’s needs.  Thank you for your patience during our time of reorganization and transition.


Sheena Collum

Village President

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