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People That You Meet: Kelly Benson of JESPY House

Kelly Benson of JESPY House

People That You Meet is a series of interviews conducted and posted by the Vanessa Pollock Team/Keller Williams, highlighting residents of the South Orange-Maplewood community and their diverse and interesting lives. This edition spotlights Kelly Benson, a client of JESPY House. JESPY House, in South Orange, has been providing adults with disabilities a well-rounded program of support services for more than 35 years. Find out more about JESPY House here.

What town do you live in? South Orange

Where did you live before that? Freehold, NJ

What brought you to SOMA? To get my own apartment, find employment, meet new friends at JESPY House.

What do you do (for a living or as a serious hobby)? Kennel technician at South Orange Animal Hospital

What’s your favorite feature of your home? My flat screen t.v.

Where do you love to go on a date night? Going to the movies.

What’s music/album are you really into these days? 30 Seconds to Mars

If you could have a super-power, what would it be? To read minds! oh yeah!

What’s the best book you’ve read in the last 5 years? The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean Auel

What’s something that amazes you? All of life and animals.

Describe your family: Dysfunctional but loving, like all families

Describe your ideal day: Being appreciated for a job well done

Favorite local place to eat? Town Hall Deli

Who/What did you aspire to be when you were little? A Dolphin trainer

What is your favorite store? Old Navy

Mountains or Beach? Beach

Favorite movie? Star Wars Trilogy

What inspires you? Peace among friends and neighbors

How would you describe your “style”? Just being myself

Coffee or tea? Coffee

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