Seth Boyden PTA Raises Funds for Family of Marc Ulysse

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The Seth Boyden PTA has created a gofundme for the family of Marc Ulysse, a bus driver and loving husband and father of five who passed away due to COVID-19 in late April. Ulysse is survived by his wife and children ranging from 3 years of age to college age, as well as a niece whom he was helping to raising. He has two sons currently at Seth Boyden School in Maplewood and another child at Columbia High School. 

Marc Ulysse and Family

From the gofundme page:

Please help this family who has lost their husband and father to Covid-19.

Marc Ulysse was a loving husband, committed father and the sole provider for his wife and five children. He came to this country from Haiti and, until his passing,  was a school bus driver in Newark. Mr. Ulysse was a longstanding resident of  Maplewood and a parent in the Seth Boyden School community, where two of his children still attend.  He passed away from complications due to Covid-19.

The family is now left without their beloved father and without a breadwinner.  In addition to raising their own four children, Marc and his wife Edame are raising their niece. They are a generous and  proud family now in need of assistance for funeral costs as well as day-to-day expenses.

You may have shared a laugh with Mr. Ulysse at an ice cream social at Seth Boyden or chatted with him before a parent-teacher conference. He was a friendly and caring man and his dedication to his children and their education was evident in all that he did.

Let’s rally around the Ulysse family and help them get through the next difficult weeks and months ahead.

Contribute here. 

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