Seton Hall Reports 2 More COVID-19 Cases, Including an Employee at South Orange Campus

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This story was updated on October 1, 2020, with comments from South Orange Board of Health President Donna Coallier.

Seton Hall University reported two more positive cases of COVID-19 this week, including an employee at the South Orange campus and a student at the Nutley/Clifton Campus.

That brings the University’s total number of cases since July 9 to seven, according to a university spokeswoman.

The student is being quarantined at Ora Manor, the university’s off campus apartment building in South Orange.

Village Green reached out to South Orange officials for comment and received the following response from OEM Coordinator Scott Egelberg:

“We have been meeting with representatives of Seton Hall on a weekly basis to discuss the response to this pandemic and we are pleased that Seton hall has continued to evolve their testing plan as national and state trends and data changes. They have recently updated their guidelines to start testing more asymptomatic students and as such, we have been expecting more cases to be announced in the coming days and weeks. However, the University has done very well to keep infected students and staff isolated and are following all the necessary protocols to ensure that everyone on campus and the surrounding community are kept safe and healthy.”

South Orange Trustee and Board of Health President Donna Coallier added, “Seton Hall’s COVID 19  process improvements are encouraging. These improvements, plus continued masking and social distancing diligence on the part of the SHU community, are imperative as we strive to keep our residents, and our visitors and neighbors, safe during the pandemic. We also very much appreciate that Seton Hall is available and responsive to those that have concerns regarding COVID 19 – residents with concerns can reach out via the form at this link:”

See more information about the cases here and below; read more about SHU and Covid here:

On September 29, the University learned that an employee on the South Orange campus tested positive on 9/29/2020. The employee had been on campus. The employee’s contacts have been notified through tracing and will quarantine per protocol. The appropriate local health officials have been notified.

On September 29, the University also learned that a student on the Interprofessional Health Sciences campus tested positive on Friday, 9/25/20 off campus. The student’s contacts have been notified through tracing and will quarantine per protocol. One contact is in quarantine in Ora Manor. Health Services will follow up with them to monitor their status. The appropriate local health officials have been notified. The two cases are unrelated.

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