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South Orange Invites Public to Weigh in On Proposed Plastic Bag Ban at April 1 Meeting

From the Village Vibe: 

The South Orange Board of Trustees is presently considering an ordinance to encourage the use of reusable carry-out bags, prohibit the use of plastic carry-out bags, and put a $0.05 fee on paper carry-out bags for all retail businesses in South Orange.

They want to hear from you, the local business owners and the residents who shop here.  

The ordinance would:

  • Place a ban on plastic carry out bags in retail establishments within South Orange.
  • Allow retailers to offer a paper carry-out bag option for a fee of $0.05 each.
  • Encourage stores to offer reusable carry-out bags (free or for a fee) at any time.
  • Allow plastic and paper bags to be used in other capacities without a fee within the store (Package bulk items, wrap meat, prepared foods, baked goods, to contain dampness, take-out food and doggy bags).
  • Take effect 6 months after passage.

Join them at SOPAC on Monday, April 1 at 7 PM in the SOPAC Loft (third floor) to hear the details and share your concerns, ideas, and opinions.

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