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South Orange to Mark Start of NJ Transit ‘Summer of Hell’ with Commuter Send-off Party

As local towns along the Morris & Essex Line prepare for the disruptions brought on by NJ Transit track work beginning Monday, South Orange has decided to take a different spin on the “Summer of Hell”: they are throwing a party.

“As the South Orange Village President, one of my secondary responsibilities is Commander in Fun,” said Sheena Collum in a email. “This is a really awful situation for commuters and in the absence of any other substantial changes we can advocate for before Monday, I thought doing a send-off party for commuters would be nice gesture.  I got the idea yesterday and three generous sponsors came forward to fund the event, our Deputy Administrator Adam Loehner and Director of Special Events Pete Travers said, ‘let’s run with it,’ and that’s pretty much how it happened.”

Read all the details in Collum’s Facebook post here:

The “Summer of Hell” for NJ TRANSIT riders on the Morris & Essex Line begins this Monday, July 10th. As you all probably know by now, we’ve done our best to fight for our commuters over the past several weeks. In the absence of any further substantial progress we can make before Monday, we decided to have a send-off party for our commuters – so join us! Coffee, breakfast, and music are generously sponsored by The Vanessa Pollock Realty Team, Third & Valley, and Sym Heller Development & Management, LLC.

“We’ll have information tables available with NJ Transit and South Orange Jitney materials and have invited Soma Action (special thanks to Kelly Quirk-Ceperley) who will be tabling where guests can write postcards and sign a banner of solidarity advocating one simple message to Donald J. Trump and the federal government: Fund the Gateway project!!!

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