South Orange PD Introduces Traffic Details at South Mountain & Marshall Schools

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From Lt. Adrian Acevedo of the South Orange Police Department:


You may have seen increased police activity near schools during the early morning drop off times. Here’s why: We have fielded a multitude of complaints regarding speeding, careless driving, running red lights and other violations. These complaints have been made by our crossing guards, school officials & parents. We at SOPD realize that there are still folks getting used to getting back to normal, post Covid shut downs. Kids are back to school and more people are driving back to work. There’s no excuse however, for putting our children and our guards at risk. As such, we are conducting traffic details at key locations, mainly South Mountain School and Marshall School. Officers will look for and enforce some of these violations that make our school zones unsafe. As always, please share this to help spread the word. Drive safe!

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