South Orange, Seton Hall U. Conduct Survey on Policing, Public Safety and Wellness

by The Village Green
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From South Orange Village:

As part of its Community Care & Justice program, the Village of South Orange with the help of  Seton Hall University is conducting an anonymous survey of its residents. Meant to gauge the community’s pulse on issues of policing and public safety, findings from the survey will be used to help realign public safety and wellness initiatives within the diverse community.

Specifically, the survey will examine the community’s perceived needs in the areas of public health and public safety and help better identify the values of the community as well as its perceptions of police and community relations – especially regarding racial equity, social justice, and the social determinants of health.

The survey is open to all residents of South Orange; the letter of solicitation linked here provides an overview of the survey process: CC&J Survey Letter of Solicitation

The survey itself may be accessed through this Qualtrics link: 

Readers are encouraged to share this message and these links with friends, family and neighbors within South Orange.

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