South Orange’s Ken Kurson Gets a Presidential Pardon

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South Orange resident and former editor of The Observer Ken Kurson was pardoned early today by President Trump, as one of 143 final pardons and commutations announced by the outgoing Administration.

Kurson was charged in October with “cyberstalking three people in connection with his divorce,” according to Business Insider. Kurson was editor of The Observer from 2013 to 2017. The Observer was purchased by Jared Kushner, son-in-law to Donald Trump, in 2006 and transferred to operation by a family trust in 2016.

Village Green has reached out to Kurson for comment.

From the Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding Executive Grants of Clemency, January 20, 2021:

Kenneth Kurson – President Trump granted a full pardon to Kenneth Kurson. Prosecutors have charged Mr. Kurson with cyberstalking related to his divorce from his ex-wife in 2015. In a powerful letter to the prosecutors, Mr. Kurson’s ex-wife wrote on his behalf that she never wanted this investigation or arrest and, “repeatedly asked for the FBI to drop it… I hired a lawyer to protect me from being forced into yet another round of questioning. My disgust with this arrest and the subsequent articles is bottomless…” This investigation only began because Mr. Kurson was nominated to a role within the Trump Administration. He has been a community leader in New York and New Jersey for decades. In addition, Mr. Kurson is a certified foster parent, a successful business owner, and is passionate about various charitable causes. Mr. Kurson is an upstanding citizen and father to five beautiful children.

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