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South Orange’s ‘SO Not Plastic’ Week Coming September 4-11

From South Orange Trustee Walter Clarke:

The Environmental Commission and Green team has been working on single use plastic reduction with local businesses (through a joint venture with SOVCA) and now they are extending it out to residents as well.

The main event will be a week long challenge to not use any single use plastics in your home or at work. No plastic bags, water bottles, straws, sandwich bags, etc. The event will be called “SO Not Plastic” and will take place from September 4 – 11th. Local volunteers are working on a PSA to be shown before the films on Floods Hill this August and you will soon be seeing social media as well.

The main goal is to make everyone aware of just how ubiquitous single use plastic is in our everyday lives. The next step is to send a message with your dollars by choosing alternative products where possible, avoiding items where there isn’t an alternative, and adopting more sustainable habits at home and work.
Go Green Team!

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