Torpey: It’s Our Turn to Help the South Orange Rescue Squad

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The following letter was sent by former South Orange President Alex Torpey, who also happens to be a member of the all-volunteer South Orange Rescue Squad.

The South Orange Rescue Squad needs your help. 

They have entered into a grant contest from State Farm, that if they win, will net them a much-needed $25,000 towards their new building. All you have to do is log onto Facebook and cast your daily total of 10 votes (make sure to check the box that allocates all 10 votes, not just one). You can do this every day.

The Rescue Squad provides over 17,000 volunteer hours a year keeping South Orange safe. Having been a member for five years now, I can’t lend enough support to the incredible people there who keep our community members safe in their greatest time of need. Not only do they do all the medical calls, but the volunteer members are responsible for all the budgeting, grant-finding and administration of the organization.

Here’s what you can do right now

If you’re on Facebook:

  1. Head here to vote
  2. Once you’ve completed voting, share that you did so on Facebook and Twitter, and invite 10 of your friends through the app to vote as well
  3. Remember, you can cast 10 votes every day.

If you’re not on Facebook:

  1. Share this information with just five of your friends who are on Facebook
  2. You can still support them by buying an actual piece of the building, by purchasing a brick

All the donations are tax-deductible. The Rescue Squad loves this community, let’s show them some love!

Thank you!

Alex Torpey

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