Maplewood Arts Council to Unveil Black Lives Matter Poetry Project in September

by The Village Green
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From the Maplewood Arts Council:

The Maplewood Arts Council is proud to present the Maplewood Black Lives Matter Poetry Project, slated for installation in late September, 2020.

The goal of our project is to infuse the landscape of our community with the voices of Black poets. It is our hope that residents can inhabit these ideas, spark conversations, and identify strongly with themes of what it means to be free as we work against systemic racism, and police brutality.

We’re creating 20-25 large banners of poetry which will be placed throughout Maplewood. Poets represented will include early twentieth century scholars, modern poet laureates, civil rights leaders, and local children and teachers. We’ll hold outdoor poetry readings and music performances throughout October.

To make this project a reality, we need your help.

Through the generous donations of community members and local businesses, we have raised about half of the $4,000 necessary to create this project at the scale it deserves. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation of any amount — every dollar helps. The more we raise, the greater number of profound, transcendent, and empowering poems we can share with our community.

To find out more about our project, and how you can help, please email:

For more info about the work we do, click here.

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