PHOTOS: Blue Scarf Collective Brings Electric, City Vibe to South Orange

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Photo by Grant Neumann

Photo by Grant Neumann

Blue Scarf Collective’s inaugural art show was a Blockbuster.

The show garnered more than 750 visitors in its ten-day run in the heart of South Orange Village.

Titled “Breaking the Static,” the collection of works included contemporary painting, sculpture, living art, fiber art, light installations, film and photography from local artists.

And then there’s the fact the show was held in a former Blockbuster video store.

The collective transformed the 6,000 sf of the abandoned Blockbuster video space on South Orange Avenue near Vose Avenue in South Orange Village into a gallery.

“This theme is central to the collective’s goal of altering perceptions of the suburban art experience,” said organizer Sherry Sacks. “And what better metaphor for this than breathing life into an abandoned space that once housed a staple of suburban reality: the local video store.”

“It was a great example of Placemaking,” said Bob Zuckerman of the South Orange Village Center Alliance.  “I was there opening night and the vibe was really electric. It really felt like an event you would attend in the city, not  in our little Village of South Orange!”

Besides showing a show that looked more city than suburb, Blue Scarf dedicated the show to raising awareness about the need for feminine hygiene products for poor women and girls.

“They collected more than $600 and 3,000 pads and tampons that they delivered to us last night. Amazing group of ladies,” said Elise Wiener Joy of Girls Helping Girls. Period.

That fits right in with the Blue Scarf’s manifesto:

“Blue Scarf Collective is a group of local multi­-disciplinary artists who aim to bring a new feminist voice through shows, activism and community engagement. We believe that the act of creating is the act of owning one’s own experience. We believe that art can and should be used to promote social justice, change, and empowerment — especially for the disenfranchised.”

The Blue Scarf Collective includes: Sherry Beth Sacks (painter), Cat Starmer (lighting designer), Heather Hamilton (artist), Sasha Huetz (jewelry designer), Sarah Klein (filmmaker), Samar, Hussaini (fine artist and graphic designer), Jen McClory (illustrator), Jessica Gidal (editor), Nancy Cook (artist) and Danielle Masters (artist).

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Photos are from the Blue Scarf Collective Facebook page or by Grant Neumann. Click to enlarge:

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